Chamhansam, Signed a business agreement with the Korea Gymnastics Association

Wooriwell Food Co., Ltd (CEO Choi Yeon-hee) and the Korea Gymnastics Association (Chairman Han Chan-Geon) held a business agreement ceremony on the 1st day for the improvement of physical fitness and health welfare of the national athletes team members at the Korea Gymnastics Association office.

Wooriwell Food, which has a brand name of "Charmhansam", has been in business for two decades and has been in business for 30 years. It has developed from a company that supplies raw materials to a production factory that treats ginseng and red ginseng as raw materials and now produces a company that produces finished products.

우리웰푸드 최연희 대표와 대한체조협회 이필영 부회장
We can produce red ginseng products at reasonable price, which can be made as one-stop from the supply of red ginseng to the finished products by minimizing the distribution structure. As a result of this price competitiveness, finished products of Chamhansam have been exported to overseas markets and they are actively interacting with multinational buyers.

In addition, we have formal agreements with the Korean Gymnastics Association to sponsor national athletes team members to help them improve their performance and improve their physical fitness. It also sponsors Taekwondo players with disabilities who represent the Olympics. We are cheering for our players in 2018 in the Asian Games.

Meanwhile, our brand 'Charmhansam' won '2017 Korea Power Brand Award' which was certified by Korea Best Brand Association (Chairman Lee Yoon-tae)