Company overview

(chamhansam) means,

"good things honest and flawless" in pure Korean.

Korea's Geumsan is the largest distribution area where 80% of Korean ginseng is distributed.
Chamhansam Red Ginseng is a domestic company of Korea, which has processed ginseng for more than 30 years in Geumsan, a Korean ginseng specialty area, and produces red ginseng through two generations.
Chamhansam Red Ginseng is directly operated from the first processing, ginseng farming to red ginseng production, so it is more competitive than other companies.
Chamhansam Red Ginseng's direct distribution is a great strength to lower the unit price and improve the quality by reducing the distribution phase from the production of red ginseng to the consumer.
In addition, we are making the best quality red ginseng based on know-how and technology of producing red ginseng for 30 years. We are also exporting to become a global company. Red ginseng produced in Chamhansam Red Ginseng is distributed throughout Korea and boasts excellent quality.

Company history

  • Established Woori Red Ginseng manufacturing company.
  • White ginseng, red ginseng agricultural cooperative inspection.
  • Exported red ginseng to China.
  • Supplied raw materials to pharmaceutical company and red ginseng plant in Korea.
  • Opened Geumsan ginseng center wholesale market.
  • Established 2nd factory.
  • Wooriwell Food Co., Ltd. established.
  • From 1991 to 2007, we introduced a one-stop system that enables the production of finished products with know-how accumulated.
  • Developed and produced Geonyangjeong Red Ginseng in cooperation with Geonyang University.
  • Supplied of Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine skin ginseng dried in its original shape.
  • Supplied ginseng and red ginseng to Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical.
  • Participated in Hong Kong Buyer Export Consultation.
  • Participating agency in the RIS project team in Chungnam luxury drink.
  • Developed own brand.
  • Conclusion of working agreement with youth support league.
  • Conclusion of International Multicultural Association Convention.
  • Established Vietnam branch.
  • Completed and exported self-branded products to Vietnam, Thailand, Canada, Philippines and China.
  • Acquisition of Geographical Indication Certification, exporter certification and trademark registration application.
  • Acquired exporter certification.
  • Sponsorship of youth festival at k-pop gala show.
  • Certificated best brands 'korea power brand awards' for 2017.
  • Conclusion of official agreement with the Olympic representative of the Korea Gymnastics Association.
  • Supporting national handicapped teagun-do team.
  • Supported the 2nd Hanbit Award.
  • Participated in WTA Daejeon Hi-Tech Fair invitation meeting for foreign buyers.
  • Participated in counseling of exporters of 'World Ginseng Expo'
  • Participated in overseas buyers' event in Binh City, Nghe An, Vietnam.
  • Bevi star proud person "cham hansam"certificated woori food company.
  • Obtained a patent in 2017 (a composition containing Korean red ginseng, natural plant-derived ingredient and natural mineral salt, and a manufacturing method thereof)
  • Listed as a success story of Woori Well-Food in the "Case Study on Successful Export of Domestic Companies" jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, KOTRA, and the Korea International Trade Association.
  • Established a joint venture with Dongsenglockup, LLC., located in Dunhua City, Jilin Sheng, China, and is also operating with the brand of Chamhansam in China.
  • Signed a new drug co-development agreement with Chungnam National University Medical School, the largest national university among the central districts, for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer drugs.
  • Establishment of Chamhansam Society Member Korean Baseball Team.
  • Design patent office registration for packing box and packing container.
  • Selected marathoner Lee Bong-Ju, a former member of the national team, as the model of Chamhansam.

Excellence of Korean ginseng (excellent ginseng)

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

Korean ginseng is divided into Geumsan ginseng (South Korea) and Gaesung ginseng (North Korea), and its tradition and reputation are transmitted and differentiated. Ginseng cultivated in Geumsan, central part of Korea is thin and pure white. It has been called Baekjaesam for a long time and it is distinguished from large, soft of Gaesung ginseng. In particular, the ginseng is generally called "summer ginseng" from July to October, and its saponin content is 5.2%, which is 1.8% higher than other ginseng collected in winter.

Good competitiveness

  • Direct raw material purchase
  • Reduce costs by owning wholesale market in Fresh Ginseng Center
  • Produced good quality of red ginseng with more than 30 years ginseng manufacturing know-how
  • Geumsan native company
  • Simplified distribution structure